Lean Service Creation

Business objective and context



Customer grouping



Concept and value proposition

Profiling the concept

Fake advertisement


Customer engagement

Business model & market size

Service blueprint


Minimum lovable product

MVP backlog

What to measure

Lean Brand Creation

Lean Brand Creation is a structured method for lean creation of a new brand, and a strategic guideline for an existing brand in any brand, marketing & experience design work.

The approach is based on thousands of lessons learned in advertising business, experienced by the framework creator Kalle Tuomi.

It is an offspring of Futurice’s renown Lean Service Creation, and it is thus fully compatible with the LSC toolkit. Alternatively, it can be applied as a separate module.

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Lean branding and marketing

Business/brand goals and limitations

Build: Mission statement

Brand challenge

Brand landscape

Build: Fast value proposition

Build: Customer experience vision 1

Build: Customer experience vision 2

Build: Customer experience vision 3

Build: Customer experience vision 4

Build: Partner experience vision

Build: Platform experience storyline

Build: User experience storyline

Build Brand/service concept

Build: Prototype advertising

Build: Hight level content strategy

Build: Hight level communication strategy

Lean marketing & growth hacking canvas

Holistic experience design canvas

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