Master Class in Lean Service Creation

1/18 How to get commitment from your executives?

2/18 How to get background studies onto one page?

3/18 How to do data driven service design?

4/18 How to be strategic in your market segmentation?

5/18 How to analyse user interviews?

6/18 How to brainstorming and keep focus?

7/18 How to crystallise your value proposition?

8/18 How to stress test your concept?

9/18 How to prototype your value proposition?

10/18 How to be systematic in validating your ideas?

11/18 How to build the customer journey?

12/18 How to ask the right business model questions?

13/18 How to create a service blueprint?

14/18 How to move from planning to sketching?

15/18 How to dig out your critical assumptions?

16/18 How to easily create the MVP?

17/18 How to measure your MVP progress?

18/18 How to turn design into action?