The only open source design process and toolkit on this planet. Take it, use it, break it, make it yours and make it better. Lean Service Creation is made of best practices from hundreds of projects blending service design, user-centric approach, lean business thinking, agile development, and startup mentality.

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Lean Service Creation consists of a set of canvases that outline the relevant steps in any successful service design process. Knowing the right questions to ask is by far the most important part of creating a product or service, so each canvas poses a series of questions appropriate for that particular stage of the process.

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What is LSC?

Lean Service Creation is a methodology based on actual work done in hundreds of projects, in a variety of different organisations by hundreds of designers, business managers, and developers. It might be the most validated innovation and design process on the planet :)

All this knowledge and expertise is put together into a set of canvases and a handbook for you to download and use. For free, of course.


Changing Company Culture


Lean Service Creation was born when few corporations wanted to craft an innovation process together with Futurice. It proved a success, and it was also taken into use in design teaching in a handful of Universities. Today it is living a life of its own. It is used around the world from Brazil to Tokyo and a variety of people have tweaked, tuned, and polished the tools for different business domains and uses. Hanno, Risto and Juha, three guys from Futurice, try to keep the "kernel" of the tools coherent and updated and the LSC movement connected and up-to-date.

Hanno Nevanlinna

Hanno is the entrepreneur. He is one of Futurice’s founders and has been an integral part of steering the company from a startup to an international company. Hanno has founded the company’s design team and worked as head of HR as well as Director of Culture.

Juha Pesonen

Juha is the designer. He has worked over a decade on hundreds of innovative and demanding B2C and B2B projects. His concepts and designs have helped major European companies weather the disruptive storms of mobile technology and digitalisation.

Risto Sarvas

Risto is the academic. Most of his working hours he helps large corporations engineer their work culture in this blissful age of digitalisation. He is also a professor at Aalto University teaching design and social media. Also, Risto used to be the Head of Service Design at Futurice.

Nelli Myllylä

Nelli is the Community Engineer. Her aim is to increase the amount of experts empowered by LSC in Europe. Nelli wants to understand the changing needs of LSC Ambassadors to make LSC even greater. Through facilitation and mentoring she sparks change in peoples hearts and minds.

Eeva Raita

Eeva is the social psychologist. Academically seasoned, but pragmatist at heart, she uses LSC for creating amazing digital services as well as coaching organisations towards increased transparency and continuous learning. She leads Futurice's internal LSC training making sure every futuricean masters the LSC mindset.

Mirkka Länsisalo

Mirkka is the creator. She has designed and developed end-to-end products and services for a variety of industries internationally. She has specialised in the digital transformation of businesses and explores that also in her Ph.D studies. She’s passionate about helping companies transform their culture to lean service creation.

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