LSC brings structure and focus to service creation.

The curated set of canvases walk you through the steps needed for creating successful services & products. They help you to reach business objectives in an iterative and human-centric way. The set is based on experiences from thousands of service creation projects and it’s free to use.

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Why LSC?

Lean service Creation has had an immediate impact on our Digital Transformation, creating both an appetite and a confidence to be different, to push boundaries and to focus only on those options that drive value. A hugely impactful process.

Marco Ryan

Chief Digital Officer, Wärtsilä

Lean Service Creation is like the Finnish tradition of swimming in ice water: inventive, invigorating, and you feel amazing afterwards. Uniquely LSC combines hands-on doing with strategic thinking into one. This is the toolset for business leaders and innovators in corporations as well as startups.

Barry O'Reilly

Author of Lean Enterprise

Lean Service Creation is a brilliant way of innovating and creating new business. LSC elegantly combines the Lean Startup with design thinking and agile philosophy. And I love the fact that they give out the tools for free!

Kristian Luoma

Head of New Business Development, OP


Eeva Raita
LSC Lead
Hanno Nevanlinna
Director of Culture
Nelli Myllylä
LSC Growth Hacker
Risto Sarvas
Company Culture Engineer
Mirkka Länsisalo
Service Designer Lead
Juha Pesonen
LSC Senior Coach

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